MaccPride Bar applications

At MaccPride on July 11th, we are looking for several small, individual and interesting drinks vendors!

In order to get the best suppliers for our event, we are putting this out to tender, and invite bids to be submitted via email to The closing dates for these bids is strictly Friday April 10th.

We will award pitches to bars in order to provide the best range and quality of drinks, firstly, and secondly, according to the fee offered. Fundraising is obviously important to us, but mainly we want to provide Pride attendees with a fabulous event!

Once you have paid your stall fee, all profits from the day are yours. Please note, the minimum bid is £100, as based on last year's turnout we expect several thousand people to spend time at MaccPride over the course of the day and evening.

In return, our commitment to you is that we will only have one supplier specialising in any one type of drink, eg beer, gin, cocktails, Prosecco, etc, so that you are not in direct competition.

Stall locations are the decision of Macclesfield Pride and are not negotiable, but all will be placed for maximum safety, exposure and benefit of traders and patrons.

Vendors offered a stall pitch must commit to:

  • Paying the agreed stall fee and providing evidence of Public Liability Insurance by Friday May 1st.

  • Setting up their bar on the event site in Macclesfield between 9am and 10.30am on July 11th, and remaining onsite until 8pm, when the event closes. No vehicles will be allowed onsite between these times.

  • Providing all their own equipment as needed and being responsible for their own waste disposal.

  • All drinks must be served in paper, cardboard, or otherwise unbreakable containers. Plastic is acceptable, although we would prefer to avoid excess use of plastic where possible and are more likely to offer repeat bookings to suppliers who are environmentally friendly! Glasses and glass bottles will not be allowed onsite, although obviously you may have glass bottles behind the bar to serve from.


Please include in your application email:

  • A description of what you sell and your stall/ trailer/ set up, with a picture is possible.

  • A link to your website if you have one.

  • Your proposed bid for a pitch at MaccPride.

  • Confirmation that you understand and agree to the terms of our offer, should we accept your bid