MaccPride Committee


The Chair of our Committee is Denise, who keeps us all organised, oversees the main MaccPride event and is a stickler for good spelling and punctuation! Denise is married to Rachel, another Committee member, and is mum to three wonderful grown up boys. She works in a local primary school, enjoys travelling as much as possible (when we are allowed!) and loves quizzes. Denise has been involved with Macclesfield Pride since the early days before our first event in 2018, and has worked hard to build links with local businesses, community groups and organisations, in order to share our principles of promoting equality and celebrating diversity. She is massively proud of what has been achieved so far and is excited for the changes we can help bring about in the future!


Sophie, who is currently the Vice-Chair of the Macclesfield Pride Committee, has been involved with the organisation since it began, and was instrumental in starting it up. She has recently finished college, loves working in a bar, enjoys music and gaming, and hates sprouts, apparently! Sophie has been greatly supported in her commitment to Pride by her mum and granny, who are also Committee members and key players in our work in this town. Her hope is to contribute to a fairer, more equal world for LGBTQ+ people...she has certainly made a good start!


Mark came along to our community meeting in 2018, looking to help, and quickly found a place on the Committee. Mark, who is passionate about the acceptance and celebration of diversity, is our Treasurer, and was joint Logistics Manager for MaccPride 2019. Mark is an extremely valued and much liked member of our Committee! A professional engineer and married to Jane, they have six awesome children between them. Music fan Mark loves to play guitar when the opportunity arises and likes to go cycling, walking and climbing. They also love fast cars, spicy food and fabulous shoes! 


Rachel is the Secretary on the Macclesfield Pride Committee, and keeps us all organised with her excellent notes and Minutes. She is married to Denise, and works at a primary school. They love to travel, and Rachel also enjoys running, gardening and Formula One. When we hold our MaccPride events, Rachel manages the Market Place stalls and is an expert in drawing up a mean spreadsheet!


Let us introduce you to Sue, that is, if you don't know her already, which most people in Macclesfield seem to! Sue has been married to Chris for 43 years, and has three grown up children and five grandchildren. She was propelled into the organisation of Macclesfield's very first MaccPride event through supporting grandaughter Sophie, after a visit to Manchester Pride filled them with enthusiasm to do something locally. Since then, Sue has enjoyed coordinating social events and fundraising activities throughout the year, whilst also supporting others to develop new groups within the LGBTQ+ community, such as the TRANSCEND group. Sue is very community minded and would love to hear of any ideas you may have for events or activities to bring the community together moving forward.


Paula is a proud mum of three children, Committee member Sophie, and young sons, Dylan and Mason. She has been involved with Macclesfield Pride from the start and did a fabulous job organising our first Pride Parade in 2019. Paula enters into all the fun of our year-round events, and can always be relied upon to work hard to fulfil the tasks she takes on. Paula has become our designated Personal Shopper, using her vast knowledge of online shopping to source bargains, whilst also promoting Easyfundraising for our charity through this, a venture she initiated. She also has a huge additional responsibility and never lets us down, thankfully - she has to bring all the tea, coffee and biscuits to our meetings!


Tom, a proud Maxonian and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, is thrilled to be joining the Macclesfield Pride Committee this year. You may have seen his drag alter ego, Nana Nancy, out and about around town! Whether you meet Tom or Nancy, they both love a natter and a gossip, so if you see either of them, do say hello! Tom is a performer and musician who loves exploring the history of Pride, and believes that education is vital in the fight for equality. He reminds us that we should remember those who fought before us and help empower those who will come after us. Tom aims to help us all feel proud, walk tall and sparkle wherever possible!


It is a great pleasure to introduce Kay, another new Committee member. Kay is a proud transwoman, now retired and living on a narrowboat. According to Kay, if you know her, you’ll know that she's mad! Well, working with all of us, that may well be an asset! Kay only came out a few years ago, and she will tell anyone who will listen that those years have been the best of her life. Since coming out, Kay has been involved in setting up ‘Transcend’, a local group for anyone falling under the Trans umbrella, working alongside Sue, another of our Committee. One of the group's aims is to increase visibility in an attempt to decrease negativity, and Kay works passionately to fulfil this goal.