MaccPRIDE Annual Event

Why are we having a Pride event?

The MaccPride events in our town centre in 2018 and 2019, and our MaccPride ONLINE event in 2020, have brought about noticeable change in our town! We have seen an increase in acceptance, inclusion and understanding, alongside a decrease in negative attitudes towards LGBTQ+ people locally. The overwhelming support that we received when we first took part in the Barnaby Parade in 2018, and then when we took to the streets for our Pride Parade in 2019, has shown us that Macclesfield needs and appreciates having its own Pride! We have received encouragement and support from local businesses who have promoted our events and contributed prizes, and have worked alongside the Town Council, the Police and the Fire Service to bring about this community event.

  • Same sex couples can marry now in all of the U.K except Northern Ireland, where the battle for equal rights continues.

  • Even though some laws have changed to make life for LGBTQ+ people better, that doesn’t mean that homophobia, biphobia and transphobia have been wiped out. In fact, in 2015 homophobic crimes in London rose by almost a third.

  • Last year 75,000 young people in the U.K. were bullied for being LGBTQ+.

  • 23 percent of lesbian, gay and bi young people have attempted suicide.

  • For trans young people that figure goes up to 48 percent.

  • Being in a relationship with someone of the same sex is illegal in 72 countries, and you could be put to death for it in eight.

  • Each year, one in twelve trans people in Europe experience a violent hate crime.







Why are we having a Pride event?

We aim to educate and inform, as ignorance or lack of understanding are often the biggest barriers to unity and equality; people are suspicious and fearful of what they do not understand, which often leads to negative reactions. Many of us have found that once our neighbours or colleagues see that who we love or how we express ourselves doesn’t make us any different from anybody else, acceptance and understanding soon follow.


We are also holding a Pride event to stand with the LGBTQ+ community internationally, many of whom do not have the rights and privileges that we have here.