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TRANSCEND is a mutual support and discussion group, linked to Macclesfield Pride, for all Transgender/Gender Variant People (TG, TS, IS, NB, GQ, TV/CD) and their partners, families, allies and supporters. 

We hold meetings on the second Wednesday of every month from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in Macclesfield. During the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, we still invite anyone to join us for an informal chat online and dress in whatever feels comfortable, as we aim to make this a group where we can ‘be ourselves’.

Join us via Facebook group and Zoom meetings or contact us below. We will meet in person when times are safer.

Contact details : Kay: 07922 459200

                            Sue: 07881 725936

Facebook Group: TRANSCEND          Alternatively: 

The facilitators/co-ordinators of this group are an LGBTQ ally, with extensive experience of family support and vast knowledge of the local community and area; and a transwoman with personal experience of many of the areas focused on by the group.  

We have a core group of five members with a range of knowledge, experience and skills, who are prepared to take telephone calls and speak 1-1 with people. 

We are not a helpline but have lived through experiences which others may be able to relate to including:- 

  • Knowledge of the effects of MTF gender affirming hormones and surgery options, and organisations able to offer timely treatment privately

  • Knowledge of equality legislation and rights, including around NHS for bridging care and access to "single sex spaces"

  • Advice on shapewear, clothing, everyday make up and grooming

  • How to change government ID and to obtain gender recognition

  • Advice on speech feminisation (without surgery) and around body language and gait

  • Motivation, confidence building, makeup skills 

  • Open to discussion about topics such as body issues, rough home life, abandonment and other social issues

  • Working with disabled and older people

  • Personal experience of bipolar and mental health issues – we can talk to people and try to reassure them that there is help out there and there are people who will listen

  • The needs of the deaf and communication skills

  • Mental Health professional knowledge